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Put reading first,
with 20 minutes a day spent reading or being read to this summer:

  1. Sign up for the summer reading program offered by your local public library. (sign up to track your reading online).
  2. Visit your local library again and again this summer. Ask your librarian for suggestions of great books to read yourself. Once you register you will also have access to exciting, age appropriate reading lists made available by our librarians. 
  3. Set a goal of reading 20 minutes every day. For struggling readers, that can be spread out through the day. Use the online games and track your reading to unlock cool new game levels, activities and more!
  4. Make reading fun all summer long! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, children, teens, adults — everyone!  Children too young to read by themselves are welcome to participate by having a parent or caretaker sign them up and read to them.  Online Registration is only for teens this year.

Can I count books that I read on my computer or e-reader?
Of course! It’s all the same to us.

Can I count time that I spend reading to kids?
For sure! We love when you read to kids!

Can I count audiobooks?
You bet!

Can I count the time that I spend reading a book even if I don’t finish it?
Absolutely! Ten minutes is ten minutes.

Can I join the program after its official start date?
You bet! And if you can remember any reading that you’ve done after the official start date, you’re welcome to go back and count that.

Can I count reading that I’ve done before the official start date?
Actually, we do ask that you count only reading you’ve done within the official dates of the program.


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Book Reviews
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The Incredible Journey
by Sheila Burnford

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The book is about 3 animals letter sent to a farm because their family is leaving out of town the dogs and cat escaped from the farm only to get lost in the wilderness. Chance plays with a porcupine and gets quill stuck in his face. Sassy gets lost in the river. The two get rescued when they find each other and are sent home to the family. But when Shadow doesn't return Peter is worried finally when the family gets their pets back Shadow turns up limping because he is hurt and Peter so excited and runs to him

Miss Laney is Zany!
by Dan Gutman

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The principal tells Miss Laney that she is now fired. Miss Laney does a television show where you eat bugs and wins money. She pays money so the school can stay open.

SOS: a teenage guide to getting home in safety
by John Bytheway

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Great spiritual advice for teens and older.

Dog Man Unleashed Book
by Dav Pilkey

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The Chief was given an evil pet fish for his birthday. The fish ate all the brain dots and became smart. Flippy died because he froze to death

Miss Laney is Zany!
by Dan Gutman

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The kids are trying to save money so they can save the school and raise money so they can get the monkey bars back. They're selling cookies to raise money.

King's Dragon
by Kate Elliott

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"A smooth countenance without reflects a calm soul within." "The praise or blame which a man's conduct deserves is really his own." "Like this chess piece," said Sanglant, "I exist only to be moved by another man's hand." And saw, on the path, a tiny blood-red rose. It glittered like a jewel, but when he reached to pick it up, its petals were as soft as the first flower of spring. He shifted his grip, and a thorn pricked his skin, drawing a welling bulb of blood. King's Dragon is the first volume of Kate Elliot's long and cult fantasy series, Crown of Stars. These books are really aesthetically pretty to look at, and the pages smelled good too. They were that fragrance between freshly flipped pages and old bookstore decadence. I couldn't help myself, please pardon the ravens below, which are meant to represent some kind of evocation. I just like dark stuff. Gives my reviews character, don't you think so? It's unholy. Devil's blood, it is. My papa told me that those hounds will only tolerate the count or his heir, or those in whom they can smell devil's blood. Them hounds were bred by elvish kind. Like the hounds, the prince seemed to prefer his meat raw, and he ate every bit of it, including the bones. Devil's or daimone's get they might be, but he trusted these hounds, for they trusted him. The next book is Prince of Dogs, and I am so excited to get to it. Devil's hounds are kickass, and a man of the king's lineage can only control them. It was altogether a fun book to read, I read the whole thing in just a week, a 600 page book. This is kind of a feminist take of dukedoms and duchys, with biscops and margraves and strong women protagonists who have a knight's rank. Liath and Hanna are sworn Eagles. At the beginning of the book, Liath is abused by a frater, supposedly a holy man, but he manipulates her and peels away at her dignity. Overall, fun series, and I look forward to reading more fantasy and magic inspired novels. Without thinking, she reached- and plucked from the dead ashes of the fire a gold feather. Turn your eyes away from me; they are as bright as the star of morning. ??????????

Never Look Away
by Linwood Barclay

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You want to be Suzy Creamcheese? No problem. I am astonished. Barclay really captures the wickedness that people are capable of. The title is a clever turn of phrase, as the first chapter introduces 4 year old Ethan, kidnapped at a theme park. Actually this book isn't about that, it's a warning not to trust someone that you thought you knew. Never look away when someone in your life is hiding information from you. Never look away when they appear to be using you; you might not grasp their deception, exactly just how far someone will go to get something from you. Never look away when you see a pretty girl walking toward you. I had that feeling you get from too much caffeine. Like electrical impulses were racing through my body. I wondered if he could feel them in my arm. Duckworth. What a name for a cop! I've heard some pretty stupid detective names in my day, but this one just reminded me of a pigeon toed gruff cop with a duck bill and a mustache. They don't make detectives like they used to, with a monocle and a spy glass. Try to imagine Daffy Duck as a vigilante night watch with a black cape and a balaclava. That's this guy. "What the fuck is that supposed to mean anyway? If I've had a bit to drink, I'm not entitled to police protection?" All kidding aside, Duckworth is a pretty shrewd investigator. That says more about the author than the cop. Barclay has a keen wit about how people behave and talk, or how they perceive their community and how far-fetched the woman between the ink print is. The husband is always a suspect, for good reason... but, nothing in this outrageous scandal seemed easy to pin down. A cop always has to maintain an objective bias. I want to get my hands on some more Linwood Barclay thrillers right away. ??????????

Birds of a Feather
by Jacqueline Winspear

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"Wisdom comes when we acknowledge what we can never know." Satyagraha - Insistence on truth. Birds of a Feather is the second sleuth series featuring Maisie Dobbs, a student of Philosophy and a combat nurse in World War 1. This time she is tracking down a missing woman, a daughter. Three murders of women have been associated with Charlotte Waite, and she is presumably the next victim. Maisie has to track her down and discover the murderer. Meanwhile, an innocent man is sworn by the constable to be guilty of the crime, a husband of one of the ladies. Her protegee Billy Beale is withdrawing from a morphine addiction, which he has substituted with cocaine, in order to deal with his war wounds; her father Frankie is hospitalized. "There's no hope when they start giving a patient morphine because it means there's nothing more they can do to save a life. All they can do is stop the pain." Dove feather's were symbolic of cowardice, and as such many of the men who did not sign up to join the war would be given a single white feather. Hence the name, Birds of a Feather. As with the first book, the investigation is an echo from the great war. Although the first book was more beautiful with it's tender back-story and slice-of-life narrative. This one was all sleuthing. 'The black-and-white charcoal drawing depicted birds with women's faces, birds carrying humans in their beaks as they flew away into the darkness. ' Evil in winter, grievous in summer, and never good. -William Lambarde "Always said that a bird in the 'ouse, or tryin' to get inside, came with a message from the dead." I enjoyed reading this, and I already have the third book ready to start. What I really expect from Jacqueline Winspear is a beautiful, heart warming and light prose that, at least for me, nourishes my soul with beguiling words. There are a lot of words from that time which are not alive today. I think they should still be used- such as Sarsaparilla, which means Rootbeer. "The old London way, Inspector Stratton: Never put the milk in first because you might waste some. If you put it in last, you can tell exactly how much you really need." "Breakfast, my girl, is the most important meal of the day. You know what they say, Maisie: 'Breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord, and dinner like a pauper."' ??????

Miss Laney is Zany!
by Dan Gutman

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The school is about to shut down forever. They are starting to get rid of things at the school like the math teacher's desk it'll take a million dollars to save the school.

Ms. Krup Cracks Me Up
by Dan Gutman My Weird School Series

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AJ hates school and him and his friends are going on a field trip they are going to a museum teacher with Miss Daisy. On at the field trip they see a T-Rex skeleton. On the field trip they see a vending machine and start freaking out for candy

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